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Dream World Brand

Dream World Brand offers each customer a Unique Experience while providing authentic clothing and high-quality products.


Big Jo, Youth Entrepreneur
Hi, I’m Joseph (Big Jo) George.   I’ve been passionate about starting my own business and helping disadvantaged children for the 5 years.  When I was 11 years old, I started saving my allowance and collecting change from family & friends to help change the lives of houseless children in my community (Solano County).  With the money I raised, I purchased  hygiene items, created hygiene kits, and gave them to houseless children in Haiti, Ghana, Fairfield, Suisun City, and Vacaville. 
  Now I wanna start my own business and sell clothes and other items that celebrate my culture.  Currently, I sell my merchandise on my Dad's website until I'm able to create my own eCommerce website.  I also promote and sell my product at Pop-ups throughout my community,  community events, and social media.  
One of my goals is to purchase a house once my business is doing well.  Thank you for your continued support!

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